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Soul Clap on New Label, Basel Launch Party: "Soul Clap Records Is the Next Logical Step"

Soul Clap loves Miami. And we can't lie -- we love them right back.

These past couple years, the Bostonian boogie specialists have made the 305 their home, and they even wrote their debut album EFUNK down here, as we told you back in March.

Now local and international fans alike will be stoked to know that the pair is taking the Soul Clap brand to the next level by launching their very own eponymous label.

"Soul Clap Records is the next logical step on our musical journey," the duo's Charles Levine tells Crossfade. "Along the way, we've met so many incredible musicians and encountered incredible styles of music that were completely underground."

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"For a while, we were helping these acts get some hype by forwarding them along to friends labels. But soon, we began to realize that these artists were so special that if we could get something off the ground we would really break new ground."

Indeed one of the things that sets Soul Clap apart from many of their DJ peers is their wildly eclectic taste in music and crate-diggers' reverence for all styles, past, present, and future.

"The label is a home for our music, plus our many aliases and collaborations, as well as an additional outlet for Crew Love -- Wolf + Lamb, Double Standard, Soul Clap Records, Clown & Sunset. But it's also a place of mystery, art, and experimentation," Levine explains. "The first few releases will be from Night Plane, Nick Monaco, Gadi Mizrahi vs. Navid Izhadi, DJ Kon, Greg Paulus, and us."

"The music is really gonna range in both feel and tempo," he adds. "Some of this stuff is prime-time dance floor jams, while other cuts are really meant for those personal listening and intimate moments. I don't think any one sound will define this label. But rather, the picture as a whole will be quality, artsy, cool, and funky."

In this commercially challenging era of Internet music promotion and distribution, it's become a necessity for many underground artists to use the three-pronged approach of becoming label owners in addition to DJs and producers. For Soul Clap, however, launching a label makes sense not just professionally but also creatively, given their broad-spanning A&R vision.

"This label is definitely a sign of the times," says Levine. "We have graduated to be record bosses now, and can call some shots ourselves. We've got enough listeners out there who believe in our creative decision-making and are excited to see what we come up with. It's great to have the freedom and control to command the fate of our own music. If there's something we do randomly with another artist, we can snap our fingers and have it on wax!"

It's certainly a testament to Soul Clap's devotion to the Miami scene -- by now their second home -- that the pair will be hosting their exclusive U.S. label launch celebration at the Electric Pickle during Art Basel Miami Beach.

"The Basel party will be the jam," Levine promises. "We've got all day and night to prove our music point. Night Plane and Nick Monaco will be in the building. We've got an outdoor BBQ from 5 p.m. till sunset, and it should be the first time in ages that the backyard area of the Pickle will be open following all the licensing confusion that's been going on. It's also the only label launch party we're doing in the entire country.

"So yeah, it should be pretty damn special!"

Download: Soul Clap's Bamboozle's BBQ Jams Volume 1 Mix

Soul Clap Records Art Basel BBQ. With Soul Clap, Night Plane, Nick Monaco, and others. Saturday, December 9. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The party starts at 5 p.m. and admission costs $10 and up. Call 305-456-5613 or visit

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