Song Spotlight: Wrekonize (of Mayday!) - "Groundwork"

Wrekonize has had an incredible roller-coaster of a career over the last decade. His earliest claim to fame stemmed from appearances on the now-infamous MTV Battles, which then led to a multi-year stint with now-defunct Miami record label South Beat Records. During his time on South Beat, Wrekonize was able to record tons of music with various producers (both big-time and little-known) that made for a decent album that unfortunately never saw the light of day.

Fast-forward a couple years, and Wrekonize has joined the lineup of one of Miami's hardest-hitting bands, Mayday! Not only did he add a very complementary voice to the band, but it seems that since joining Mayday, Wrekonize has been able to really  transform his sound and his artistry. 

Wrekonize was always known as the underground battle rapper with an endless supply of punchlines. But more recently, he's been able to transcend into being an incredible artist that not only raps, but uses melodies and a little bit of singing to make himself into a complete package.

While still working on wrapping up the Mayday! group album that is due out in September, over the past couple months Wrek has released various freestyles via numerous blogs and web sites. In hindsight, its seems those freestyles were serving as a precursor to this track, the very first leak off his new solo album, A Soiree For Skeptics. 

The new song is called "Groundwork" and is produced by Stro of Colorado-based hip-hop group the Procussions. The instrumental lets Wrekonize open up about his road to where he is now and really shows us the artist he is now. All in all, if it's any indication of what Wrek has in store for us then I think Miami just found itself a new star ... or, perhaps more accurately, a star re-born.

Download: Wrekonize - Groundwork

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