Song Spotlight: Nak - "The Statement"

Nak is one of Miami's rising newcomers. Representing B2 Entertainment, he offers a good mix of lyricism and clear delivery with a bit of southern twang thrown in the mix. Nak has been creating quite a buzz with a couple local releases, including his 2009 mixtape Half Man, Half Cadillac and the "Black Ice" collaboration that featured him alongside other upcoming Miami emcees J.Nic$, Phresh James, Champ, D. Cash, Jigg and Plus Givens.

His hunger for success and desire to make his "statement" known to the world is what separates him from the rest. And with this new freestyle titled, well, "The Statement," he's one track closer to his goals.

The freestyle is off the We Are The Street Dream mixtape by local artist Mimi, and showcases Nak penning a verse over Drake's "Its Been A Pleasure" instrumental. It's a slow tempo that gives Nak enough room to let loose and give you all of his thoughts within a two-minute verse:

I'm the reason that you came here, don't even lie
I tend to go over their heads, but I don't even try
I say I'm sitting at the top a lot of time in my rhymes
Just to let you know I'm on top of my game all the time
And if I don't make it, I know I could take it
Just as long as I make a statement in this world, baby girl I'll be fine

Expect more from Nak in the coming months. A couple videos, a mixtape, and more is in store from him and his B2 Entertainment team. For right now, download the "The Statement" below.

Download: Nak - "The Statement"

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