Song Spotlight: Brianna - "B.M.F. Freestyle"

Poe Boy's princess Brianna returns with another freestyle that offers a look into her lyrical prowess. She chooses the instrumental from one of the hottest street records in the country: Rick Ross' "B.M.F." that currently has the mixtape and club circuits in a craze. Ross' original version opens up with his now-infamous first line comparing himself to street life impresarios Big Meech and Larry Hoover. Brianna however, compares herself to the likes of Donatella Versace, Michelle Obama and Princess Diana to name a few.

The acronym for "B.M.F." is supposed to stand for "Blowing Money Fast", however, Brianna's version is seemingly titled "Brianna Made Famous". Brianna is the perfect blend of street and hip-hop -- so much so that she's not far away from achieving that. With Poe Boy Music Group and Flo-Rida's I.M.G imprint standing fully behind her in whatever she does - the possibilities are endless. Here are couple lines from Brianna's version of "B.M.F":  

I think I'm Vicky Beckham, I'm Kimora Lee
I'm Jada Pinkett - locksmith see cuz I got the key...
Call hip-hop, Call me Hollywood
G-4 landed on the hood, Robin Hood
Born in '92, what's my age - you do the math

These other girl's mouths are filthy, take a bath...

Surely, with her aggressiveness in wordplay, she can definitely use that to her benefit in the hip-hop side of things. All she needs is that one hit song that will catapult her into that next level of hip-hop royalty. Listen to the freestyle below...

MP3: Brianna - "B.M.F. Freestyle"

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