Someone Tell T-Pain to Slow Down


Is it just me or is T-Pain dominating the airwaves these days? Everytime I turn on the radio, I keep hearing a T-Pain song, or some remix with brand new T-Pain vocals on the hook. Dude is everywhere. Flirting at the club with R. Kelly on "I'm a Flirt," buying dranks at the bar on the catchiest song of the summer, "Let Me Buy you a Drank" and slowgrinding on "Shawty."


It's good to see Mr.Tallahassee Pain getting his props...and we'll always cheer when a Florida boy goes big. So big ups to T-Pain. And since his new album drops TOMORROW, you know what you need to go out and buy or download 24 hours from now. --Jonathan Cunningham

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Arielle Castillo
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