Somebody Sold Summer Walker Fake Weed in Miami, and Social Media Is Not Having It

Summer Walker
Summer Walker
Photo courtesy of LVRN Records

You know that time in middle school when you and your dipshit 13-year-old friends bought weed from the intimidating high schooler with the black Sharpie-painted fingernails, but when you got home, your older sister told you dweebs it was just a bunch of oregano?

That just happened to emerging R&B star Summer Walker right here in the Magic City.

"Watch out Miami," the artist shared in an Instagram story, now published on Twitter. "They out here selling people oregano seasoning, $75 for some grass."

Walker is one of the brightest stars in today's urban pop game, but she's not burning anything after this gaff. Her hit "Playing Games" peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in October, but according to fans on Twitter, the poor girl just played herself.

The public has not always been kind to the 23-year-old from Atlanta. Last year, the performer canceled a string of planned tour dates (including one in South Florida), citing ongoing issues with anxiety and mental health. Fans poked fun at her "empath" excuse when she canceled scheduled meet-and-greets, and accused her of "faking" her awkwardness when she uncomfortably accepted the award for Best New Artist at the 2019 Soul Train Awards.

All of those old ghosts have risen once more in the Twitter comments surrounding her weed snafu. The poor thing is just trying to chief some cheba to help with her anxiety, but what can you do when a full-grown woman doesn't know the difference between parsley and purple kush? Her friend or handler is probably the real one to blame, but let it be known: No star is safe from these shady Miami marijuana dealers.

Check out Walker's original post and some hilarious responses from the peanut gallery on Twitter below.

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