Soilwork Will Rip Your Face Off - Melodically! - at the Culture Room tonight

via Soilwork.org
Swedish death metal band Soilwork has been playing together for 13 years now. When the band first got together and started playing, what came from their amps was pure grind it out death metal, complete with throaty growls and enough blast beats to shake a building to the ground. They quickly gained a rabid following and toured almost constantly between recording their seven albums. Something happened though with their latest album, Sworn to a Great Divide. Soilwork began drifting away from their death metal roots and incorporated... GASP... more melodies!

A softer edge to some of their songs and even the occasional ballad caused much of their fan base to turn on them, calling them out for emasculating metal or not staying true to their roots. How long can fans reasonably expect a band to keep churning out the same sound before they try to branch out and try something new? How about giving change a chance and try banging your head to a slightly slower sound? It may end up being good for you!

Check out Soilwork with Warbringer, Swallow the Sun and Karkane at the Culture Room tonight. Doors open at 7:30 and tickets run $16.

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