Slow Roast Records and The Do-Over Taking Beats and Barbecue on Tour

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Say “Slow Roast.” And what comes to mind? Are you salivating at the thought of crunchy, fall-off-the-bone pork slathered in spicy, tangy sauces? Are you scrubbin’ the ground with dat fat booty, humming a riddim that sticks to your ribs?

Both make sense, because not only is slow-roasted meat the bomb, but Slow Roast Records is also the five-year champion of forward-thinking, ass-dropping bass music. So yes, a backyard barbecue seems like a no brainer for label boss Craze and his homies. That’s why the Miami-based Slow Roast crew is teaming with famous L.A. party The Do-Over for a series of BBQ Blowouts this summer.

The mini-tour will be serving up some no-cover beat-b-cue starting this Memorial Day Weekend in Miami before getting greasy in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Seattle.

Craze has actually been working with The Do-Over folks for the past ten years, which is just about as long as they’ve been in business.

“We always make our sets different for Do-Over,” the Slow Roast-er says. “Some of my most memorable sets have been from Do-Over because it’s a different vibe from the club and shit. Were not trying to bang it out, we’re trying to bring a daytime party.”

In celebration of his label’s five-year milestone, Craze wanted to give fans in Miami and across the country something special.

“I want to do some shit like [Do-Over] for Slow Roast, but I didn’t feel like starting a fucking party,” he laughs. “I felt like what we do, and what I’ve been doing for years, is right up the alley with what Do-Over does, and I thought it was a great way to bring both our parties and our brands together to do some cool shit.”

The mini-tour kicks off Sunday at Sidebar and takes the 305ers to Los Angeles, San Diego, and Seattle. Each stop will have some local flavor, so expect some Cuban deliciousness at this weekend’s Miami kickoff.

Slow Roast x The Do-Over BBQ Blowouts
*Full details to be announced via thedoover.net/slowroast

May 24 Sidebar, Miami, FL
July 3 Los Angeles, CA
July 4 San Diego, CA
September 6 Seattle, WA

On the ones and twos, the 305 fans will be getting full-on backyard vibes from beat hustler Louie Arson, dancehall king Ape Drums, and enough scratching from Crazearoni to put most main-stage lineups to shame.

“[Louie] is a great DJ, he’s going to know what to do,” Craze says. “Ape will bring the dancehall vibe, and for me, that’s perfect for a Do-Over thing with daytime fun vibes. He’s going to murder that shit.”

Do the right thing, kids. Avoid the beach this weekend, and party with the home team in Brickell.

“It’s free,” Craze says, “it’s a fun time, and it’s a great way for us to get our brand out there and do what we do.”

Slow Roast x The Do-Over BBQ. With Craze, Ape Drums, Louie Arson, and others. 4 p.m. Sunday, May 24, at Sidebar, 337 SW Eigth St., Brickell; 786-703-6973; facebook.com/sidebarmiami. Cover is free. Ages 21 and up. Visit thedoover.net/slowroast.

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