Slip-N-Slide DJ Purfiya Wants To Be As Big As DJ Khaled

DJ Purfiya is on the streets grinding.

Not only is the team Slip-N-Slide DJ from southwest Florida not dead, he's living with purpose.

Last week we brought you news of the Purfiya death hoax that was circulated via Twitter.

We also interviewed his former boss, Howard Roberts, CEO and founder of Firmlife Entertainment, who claims to have fired Purfiya over disputes on money and loyalty.

We got an email from Purfiya saying he wanted to respond to those allegations. Here's what DJ Purfiya had to say.

First off, the whole death thing, there's nothing I can say that's gonna make people believe it's true or not.

Truth is that somebody hacked into my stuff. If I was gonna do it myself, I would do it with some creativity. So I was offline for a few hours, big deal. I have an idea about who it was, cause I had some people working on my myspace page. I just been keeping it moving.

When they thought I was dead everybody missed me, but now that I'm back people are all calling bullshit. It's a no win situation, why fight it.

Everybody that knows the story knows that what Howard says is bullshit.

That was my former boss. I've never been shy to give him credit about giving me shows in Southwest Florida, but as far as the mixtapes, he never had anything to do with it, getting artists, cd duplication, studio time, he never did anything. I was the one on the streets.
The funny thing is this little bitch, sorry to curse, when I said I wanna work with Florida artists he said that was dumb. 

He helped with some local mixtapes just for the area, but my national mixtapes with Plies, Tammy Chin, Sean Paul....Stop Sleepin Vol 1, that goes all the way back to 2004, right before we got hit by that hurricane. You can still find that mixtape on and a bunch of other websites. You can see for yourself.

The shit he was saying, teaching me how to DJ and all that, that's just lies.

As far as the situation with me breaking him off when I did shows? We never had an official paperwork agreement. It was just out of respect, you be my manager and you get a certain percentage.

A manager is supposed to help you get other jobs. He never did all that. I still saved face and paid percentage. My word is my bond, but don't sit there making money off me and then don't do anything to help me. Even after he seen me getting credibility in the streets he didn't wanna put no money behind me.

He was getting 20%, he shoulda been only getting 10% if anything. People were contacting me directly, because of me, not Firmlife.

I was doing it, beein seen and bein known.

Slip n Slide hit me up, not because Firm Life, he had told people that Slip N Slide came to me cause of Firm Life, Slip N Slide DJ's is a national organization, why would they look at at him? They came to me directly.

I went to Howard about breaking Slip N Slide On The Grind artists, Trina we did, but Firm Life couldn't see how breaking lesser known artists could be beneficial.

As a DJ I break records and artists. If I wann push an artist, Ima do it, that's what I got in dj'ing to do. I felt like Firm Life would never let me do that without a headache.

Ever since I left I been concentrating on Southwest Florida's talent and artists. I was working under someone who didn't have the same focus, same goal.

I'm an independent thinker. I'm not a yes-sir-right-away-sir type of person and I'm gonna make sure that the product getting to the streets is worthy.

Why would you do something and not wanna get credit for it? Everybody wanna be seen, wanna be heard, or they shouldn't be in this business. It's all eyes on me at all times, but I'm not selfish. It's all ayes on me, but also look who I'm working with, too.

The reason I got supposedly fired was that last year I was nominated for 3 Southern Entertainment Awards, for the annual awards show in Mississippi. After that I was set to do 3 weeks of on the road promo in Memphis, Atlanta, was like, do I wanna stay at home and do the local clubs, or branch out for my career?

He didn't see the bigger picture. I'm not trying to be a local DJ. I'm just trying to be as big as DJ Khaled, it's my goal even if in need to bust my ass everyday.

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