Sleigh Bells and Black Kids Set July Shows at Respectable Street

Sleigh Bells, which we think you should be listening to out of a sense of South Florida pride, and because Treats is a phenomenal mix of beats, ragged guitars, samples and Alexis Krauss' versatile voice, is coming to West Palm Beach's Respectable Street July 8. Do not sleep on buying tickets to this show, because it will probably mean that you go to sleep with tears in your eyes at home on the night of July 8 with only your iPod for company.

Show up early for Miami's Nerve City, a Velvet Underground-leaning outfit that probably could headline this bill with their lo-fi retro rock like "Sleepwalker" in a slightly different trend cycle. Also Sleigh Bells' tourmates Po Po, a Philadelphia/Los Angeles duo that packs some chunky hooks into each lo-fi stomp.

On July 3, Jacksonville buzz band Black Kids will headline Respectable Street's weekly "To Hell With Poverty" party. Get tickets for both shows here.

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