Skrillex, Topless Girls, Drinking, and Partying: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown of His Behind-the-Scenes Video in Miami

Skrillex is on a speedboat flying through the Biscayne Bay. He's on his way to commit mass murder at Ultra Music Festival where he will kill beats and cause a massive dubstep bloodbath.

For now, he's just another cracker tourist on the water in Miami. But soon, his massive legion of bass worshiping followers will be slamming their heart rates right along to his music.

Here's a new behind-the-scenes video of what else went down when Skrillex was in Miami -- plus an extremely detailed breakdown.

0:01 I'm in Miami. Look at this lame and overused mirror effect. Wait, that's really how shit reflects on the water. OK, pretty cool.

0:07 I'm smokin, I'm smokin'.

0:10 The Standard is good.

0:13 I have these futuristic glasses bitch, do you?

0:18 I'm about to go do some Skrill ass shit

0:21 Fuck it, let me go get a drink.

0:27 I'm on a speedboat, bitch. This feels dangerous. Is there Wi-Fi on here? How's my hair look?

0:37 He's fast and he's got a cameraphone. But this golf cart is faster.

0:42 Titties! So, that's why people have boats.

0:47 Who the hell invited this douche?

0:59 Shut up, stupid human. Go write an email. I only speak in bass

1:21 12th Planet says it's time.

1:29 This is what the fuck I do. Prepare to explode.

1:51 Forget everything you've ever thought and let these frequencies control you.

2:06 What goes up must go down.

2:11-2:22 We all like to get fucked up drinking from the same bottle. I hope no one has herpes. Does vodka kill herpes?

2:29 Dude, I really shouldn't be swimming right now. This is my best black t-shirt. And it's all wet.

2:34 Fuck it. Now I'm ready for action.

2:49 You stupid humans. I will destroy you.

2:53 Yo, Ludacris. Watsup, dude? I have all your albums. Big fan.

2:57 Fuck a boat, bitch. I got a bus, bitch.

3:06 What, you don't sing dumb shit when you're drunk?

3:20 I should have never sent this idiot to that team-building seminar.

3:25 Damn. I'm higher than a motherfucker right now.

3:40 All I smell is money, pussy, and kerosene. Life is good.

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