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Six Sex-on-Stage Moments, From
Danny Brown to Rihanna

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Everyone loves a good concert, and everyone loves a good porno. So it's only math that everyone loves it twice as much when famous musicians get nasty as fuck in public.

And nothing beats being brought on stage by your favorite performer for a scandalous, titillating, once-in-a-lifetime sexual experience. Even just watching a sexy superstar dry-hump nothing can be one of the hottest things you'll ever see.

So, who are the nastiest freaks in the music world? Some of this may not surprise. Or actually, maybe it will. Either way, you're going to need to close your door and get real acquainted with yourself.

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Girls just want to have fun, and a bad gyal like RiRi gets to have fun with whoever she wants -- even if it's some random broad in front of thousands of screaming fans. Admit it, you have a Rihanna lesbian fantasy. And as it turns out, Rihanna is mad bossy in bed. (And on stage.) So you bitches better be ready to take orders.

Chris Brown

Breezy may be one of the most volatile guys in the game. But any woman would be lying to herself if she said she didn't want a lap dance from the angry bruh. This lucky chick not only get caressed, bitten, and grinded on, she gets it from Chris Brown and two other dudes at once! No wonder Rihanna has no idea how to quit it.

Trey Songz

Pretty much every woman on Earth fantasizes about this exact moment. Trey Songz, in all his glory, brings you up on stage for an intimate massage and serenade. She can't help herself from sneaking a few grabs, and who wouldn't want a handful? We have to imagine this got even hotter and heavier after the show was over. He did promise to finish everything that he started. Lady probably needs new panties.

Janet Jackson

Oh, you nasty boys got nothing on Ms. Jackson. You don't stand a chance once you're tied up in her sex dungeon. She lets this dude have it for real, and he seems to be having the time of his life. Actually, he looks so stoked to have her leather naughty parts in his face, he might just die. Janet is clearly the dirtiest cougar on the planet. We can only pray we're fierce enough to dry-hump a complete stranger in front of a packed stadium when we're her age.


Oh, dear lord. Our lady bits palpitate at the mere thought of Miguel, then he goes and does something like this? It's actually a little intimidating. He's so good at miming the whole sexy scenario, there's basically nothing left to the imagination. That's pretty incredible, considering he still has his pants on. This red-hot singer gets extra points for applying the invisible condom. Safe is always sexy.

Danny Brown

Hands down, this is the dirtiest sex-on-stage ever caught on video. One woman is so turned on by Danny Brown's nasal delivery and witty remarks, she had to actually take his dick out and suck it. The best part: He doesn't stop rapping for one second. Oh, that and how he says that "stank pussy smelling like Cool Ranch Doritos" while some thirsty-ass ho has his wiener in her mouth. Top that, freaks. Ya can't do it!

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