Six Degrees of Techno: "Building a Global, Philanthropic Techno Family"

EDM is big business. Just ask all the corporations cashing in on the Winter Music Conference, Miami Music Week, and Ultra Music Festival action later this month. But at its best, electronic dance music also has the power to bring communities together and give back -- even in South Florida -- thanks to people like the folks behind Six Degrees of Techno.

"I founded 6DoT as an organization that connects passionate electronic dance music enthusiasts within local communities and bridges those alliances with similar groups in other cities," founder Kelvin Tamayo tells Crossfade. "The rise of electronic dance music, over the last decade, as one of the most popular genres proves it has no shortage of ardent fans. Through this unique music-centric network, 6DoT helps to create and cultivate valuable relationships."

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"Another key component in 6DoT's vision is its philanthropic, community-based focus," Kelvin adds. "As our primary passion involves music, the most obvious and powerful contribution we can make is to foster this same love in the next generation.

"We recognize that access to music programs in schools remains problematic in many communities. The reality is that funding and resources for music programs are scarce, creating a disparity in access to and quality of music programs in schools. As a collective, 6DoT aims to dedicate time and energy to help nonprofits and other organizations that provide these much-needed music programs to their local neighborhoods."

So before you blow your month's salary on Ultra tickets and pricey South Beach drinks, be sure to save the modest $10 cost of admission to 6DoT's inaugural event, Riverside Relief, on March 15. It's your chance to party for a good cause and challenge the notion that EDM fans are nothing but shallow hedonists with no social consciousness.

"Riverside Relief will serve as a fundraiser for StarsOutreach," explains Kelvin. "It's a nonprofit organization whose mission is to facilitate opportunities for students to engage their full creative potential through music and art programs.

"One-hundred percent of the proceeds from this event will go into a scholarship pool that will contribute to Art Served Live, a six-week development program starting on April 7, and with a grand finale street festival event on May 17 in downtown Hollywood."

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And let's not forget 6DoT's raison d'être, the music itself, which will be served up by some of Miami's favorite locals DJs for Riverside Relief at Mova Lounge next weekend. Of course, there will also be plenty of eye candy, courtesy of select local artists doing live painting, along with galleries auctioning pieces.

If all goes well, this could be the start of a new chapter for Miami's electronic dance music scene.

"6DoT will continue to host events in South Florida," promises Kelvin. "We plan to leverage social media and other music-centric networks to expand this community locally and to bridge it with 6DoT 'circles' in other cities," he adds.

"In doing so, we aspire to rally and motivate those remote communities to throw their own 6DoT-sponsored events that raise funds for non-profit organizations in their own neighborhoods that foster artistic development and music education in the next generation.

"Ultimately, 6DoT's mission is to build a global, philanthropic techno family, bound by our passion for electronic dance music, six degrees at a time."

Follow Six Degrees of Techno on Facebook for event updates and to support their philanthropic activities in South Florida.

Six Degrees of Techno's Riverside Relief. With DJs Donnie Lowe, Andy Pate, Thunderpony, Deep Therapy, Luke Hunter, SpinnZinn, Ray Milian, Joshy Josh, and bigLITTLE. Live painting by WHUT, Ivan Roque, and Vago. Saturday, March 15. Moonchine Asian Bistro, 7100 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. The party starts at 4 p.m. and tickets cost $10 plus fees via wantickets.com. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-759-3999 or visit moonchine.com.

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