Six Craziest Moments From Odd Future's Halloween Show in Miami

Halloween's known as a holiday for freaks. Crazy shit goes down, people lose their inhibitions and let loose. For one night every year, you can be whomever you want -- be it a werewolf, skinhead, or the Virgin Mary -- and no one's going to judge you for it.

That was the vibe last night at Odd Future's Halloween show in Miami Beach. We saw some really crazy shit in the crowd, on stage, and outside the Fillmore that blew our mind.

Check out some of our picks for spookiest crap we saw at the Odd Future show.

6. Jesus Christ... Or Was it the Virgin Mary?

We couldn't tell from our vantage point which fictional character (Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary) was at last night's show. But he/she made several appearances during Odd Future's set, sporadically rising from the sea of swag, blessing the crowd, and rejoining his/her disciples in the pit.

5. Blue Balls Balloons

A Halloween show isn't complete until a Mexican deep-throats a balloon, right? As one female sideshow performer proved last night, they don't make gag reflexes south of the border. "That's what I'm talking about," yelled a horny teen as he watched his twisted fantasy become a reality.

4. Odd Future's Youngest Fan

We know Odd Future's mad young. Most of the crew's barely old enough to buy tickets to an R-rated film. But barely old enough for kindergarten? There was a toddler-age girl who kept running up to Left Brain last night and giving him a hug. Not sure who she was, but little lady looked hardcore.

3. Skinhead Tyler

Tyler in white face? Yeah, it was freaky as shit. He looked like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, an image we're never gonna shake. Damn you, Odd Future. We hate you.

2. Weezy the Wolf

What do you get when you blend "Sandwitches" with werewolves? A surprise appearance by Lil Wayne. Now that's Radical.

1. Fans

Undoubtedly the craziest shit we saw last night was the massive amount of Odd Future supporters. Miami showed up last night and damn near filled the Fillmore, something we didn't think would happen. Suburban kids out late on a school night really came through and made Miami's OFWGKTA show a memorable one. Well done, music fans.

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