III Joints' David Sinopoli on the Six Best Songs to Listen to While Getting High

Puff, puff, pass the beats.
Puff, puff, pass the beats. Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
Despite what Miami City commissioners Joe Carollo and Manolo Reyes think, Miamians love marijuana.

Pot, reefer, cannabis, Mary Jane — whatever you want to call it, there wouldn't be a Miami without marijuana. Sure, cocaine gets all the glory, but it's easy to forget the drug lords who used to (maybe still do) call the Magic City home and who made a fortune off the illicit sale of pot and spurred the growth of the city even as the rest of country faced an economic downturn in the early 1980s. (There's a reason the unofficial state fish is the square grouper.)

And while Florida trails other states in terms of marijuana reform, that hasn't stopped Miami from celebrating it every 4/20.

One of those annual celebrations has taken the form of III Joints, III Points' hazier little sister. Though it's nowhere near the scale of the October festival, III Joints has become a must-attend event for cannabis connoisseurs, and it's set to return on Wednesday, April 20, at Space Park with its largest lineup to date. Layla Benitez, Dude Skywalker, Bakke, Terence Tebeau, Natalia Roth, Mutant Pete, and more will spin the sticky-icky beats across four stages.

III Joints founder David Sinopoli isn't shy about expressing his fondness for smoking pot. He believes Florida is behind on fully legalizing marijuana because it's still so misunderstood. "I think it's the way we were brought up," Sinopoli says. "It's about breaking down the wall between dope and medicine."

In honor of 4/20, New Times asked Sinopoli to share his favorite tracks to listen to while getting high — not a big ask for a guy who admits to having an entire playlist devoted to the occasion.

Khruangbin, "White Gloves"

Best weed pairing: White Tahoe Cookies
Khruangbin's vibe is very psychedelic and laid-back. I really enjoy all of Khruangbin's music when I'm high.

Aquarius Heaven, "Universe"

Best weed pairing: Pink Runtz
I'll probably spin Aquarius Heaven [during my set at III Joints]. It has really spread-out percussion.

Legs Benedict, "Temul Talk"

Best weed pairing: Truffles
Me and my boy Will Buck make music, and we primarily do it when we're blazed. We did a whole EP around psychedelic and consciousness called El Portal. It's laid-back, downtempo, sample-based music, but the song "Temul Talk," in particular, is how I feel when I'm high.

Le Femme, "L'Hawaïenne"

Best weed pairing: Lemon Tree X Gelato 41
I like Le Femme because I feel like it transports you to another era. I always feel like the band is playing to ghosts, and it's an otherworldly vibe.

Nicolás Jaar, "Time for Us"

Best weed pairing: Astronaut Ice Cream
The track shifts three different times. I like how it's built. The composition Jaar did on it — you never hear a track like that. It feels like it has three acts; it's a long track. The man knows how to use texture.

Outkast, "Aquemini"

Best weed pairing: Purple Kush
The track is how the Aquarius and Gemini in both of them come together to make the Aquemini. It's all based on the celestial connectivity between Big Boi and André 3000. It's a masterpiece.

III Joints. 3 p.m. Wednesday, April 20, at Space Park, 298 NE 61st St., Miami; Tickets cost $10 to $20 via
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