Six Best Parties on South Beach This Week

Sometimes, you gotta live life on the edge and do something crazy like pull an all nighter club-hopping and fist-pumping on SoBe... And make it to work on time the next morning.

Your body may hate you for it for doing it, but inside, you'll feel like a total rebel without a cause.

Check the cut for the six best parties going down on South Beach this week.

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-Five Best Concerts in Miami This Week

Umek. Thursday, June 13, 11 p.m., at Mansion, 1235 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-695-8411; Tickets cost $15 plus fees via Ages 21 and up. Get down and dirty and "Freak It Out" with Slovenia's finest

World War Z Release Party. With DJs Konflikt and Ess + Emm. Thursday, June 13, 11 p.m., at SET, 320 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach; 305-531-2800; Tickets cost $30 plus fees via Ages 21 and up. What would happen if there was a potentially deadly plague among us and only Brad Pitt can save us? We'll have to watch him in his latest venture World War Z to find out, but for now, we'll party as if it were our last night on earth.

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Laurie Charles
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