Sir Michael Rocks at Green Room September 12

Only in America can a Cool Kid get "hand sex" and "ass-smacked" to the beat of a Flosstradamus-produced banger. For that very reason, our great nation is still the envy of the rest of the world.

Of course, we're talking about "Now You Do," a hot new track by Sir Michael Rocks, half of Chicago-Detroit hip-hop duo the Cool Kids. That song is the buzziest cut off the Midwest MC's first solo project, Lap of Lux, released just last month. And so far, the 15-track mixtape has been well received by critics and fans alike. However, it has raised serious questions about his future with Cool Kids collaborator Chuck Inglish.

"We've pretty much been separate on this one so we can see what we can do separately, you know what I mean?" Rocks recently told rap website All Hip Hop. "I feel like the stronger we get separately, the stronger we'll be as a group. I feel like it will only make us both stronger as a unit."

So go see Sir Michael flex his solo muscle at Green Room this week. 'Cause who knows when the Cool Kids will be chilling together again.

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Victor Gonzalez
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