Simply Jess of the 400 Club Talks T.I. and Tiny, Modeling, and SoBe's Hottest Parties
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Simply Jess of the 400 Club Talks T.I. and Tiny, Modeling, and SoBe's Hottest Parties

For the last few years, Simply Jess (AKA Jessica Fajardo) has been a promotions and marketing power player on the Miami Beach nightlife scene. She, her partner J. Little, and the 400 Club have been responsible for some of Miami's hottest parties in recent memory, hosting weekly throwdowns at Mansion, LUX, and Cameo -- not to mention exclusive R&B dinner nights, private pool parties, and lingerie jams.

Yesterday, Crossfade caught up with Simply Jess to tell us a little bit about herself and the parties she's involved with via the 400 Club. She even tells us a bit about her modeling career.

Crossfade: What is the 400 Club?

Simply Jess: The 400 Club is an elite urban promotional company that hosts a series of upscale VIP events in Miami. I would have to say that we have a pretty strong team and everyone does their part. I wouldn't consider 400 a "company." We're more like mi familia and I think that plays to our advantage.

How long have you been in Miami and what do you love about its nightlife?

I've been in Miami for about seven years now. I've partied in a few cities and I don't think they can be compared to Miami. There is something special about Miami. We have a nice mix of sexy women and tastemakers. Miami offers a certain vibe and energy that is just unique. Everyone loves Miami!

Your event at Cameo that served as the afterparty for T.I. and Tiny's wedding made national headlines. But overall, what has been one of the most memorable events that you guys have done?

That's a pretty hard question, because this past year we have done some major events that included Alicia Keys, Fabolous, Ciara, Fat Joe, Chris Brown, and more. But I think if I would have to pick, it'd be Super Bowl Weekend 2010, which was one of the most memorable [series of] events. We had a weekend lineup with Rihanna, Fabolous, The-Dream, Ludacris, and Swizz Beats. That weekend was ridiculous!

You also do quite a bit of modeling. Any memorable shoots you've done recently?

One shoot that I did and loved was this one I did with Facet Studio. The shoot was a collaboration with my girl, model-actress Erica Mena. The concept of the shoot was having a modern housewife look, which was pretty cool. The shoot was fun and the photos will be out soon on my website.

Simply Jess, just chillin' on the internet.
Simply Jess, just chillin' on the internet.

You mentioned your website, And you also have a page for the 400 Club side of things. Can you tell me a little about each? is my personal website, which features all my celebrity friends at my events having a good time. I also post projects I am involved with and pictures from my exclusive photo shoots with magazines. And is my company's website that features all of our 400 Club events, and recap videos that feature today's hottest celebrities performing at our events. The website also features exclusive photos from our events.

Top 5 songs in the clubs right now?

Trey Songz, "Bottles Up"

Chris Brown, "Deuces"

Souja Boy, "Pretty Boy Swag"

Rick Ross, "B.M.F"

Cali Swag District, "Teach Me How To Dougie"

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