Shots Miami Launches Wynwood Live Weekly for Local Bands

When every club in town has a DJ, why not go back to basics.

Shots Miami, a friendly Wynwood hangout and shooter bar with the hood's most party-ready name, is expanding its repertoire and giving customers more than just drinks and pre-recorded jams.

"We're trying to get live music going on here in Wynwood," says co-owner Jason Machado. "I know a couple other venues have done smaller, one-time events or brought a few acts every month, but we're going to do it every week."

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The night is called Wynwood Live. And all summer, Shots has made room on its stage for 305 bands, including Sunghosts, Deaf Poets, and Problem Kids.

"Most of the groups we've brought in have a pretty heavy Miami feel to them," Machado says. "We're trying to expand our boundaries and bring in different people, different crowds, and give locals the opportunity to showcase their talent."

Live music at Shots may surprise some scenesters, but the co-owner insists it's been part of the vision since opening day. Still, it's not as if he's planning to fire the resident DJ any time soon. After all, when the bands wrap up their sets on the patio, usually around midnight, Ariel Assault needs to keep the party going inside the bar till closing time.

There's also a lot of other things about the classic Shots that won't be changing. Like its strict no-cover policy. Or the awesome drink specials, from $1 beers and $5 whiskeys to the so-called "most dangerous $6 deer and a beer," i.e. a shot of Jäger and a Miller Lite.

Though Wynwood Live has been rockin' Thursdays for a couple of months now, it's still in the early stages, Machado says. So if you haven't already checked out Shots' weekly, come out Thursday, September 25, for Write Sounds, a seven-piece band serving up funk, rock, and everything in between. The co-owner thinks it just might be the perfect introduction to the new Shots.

"We're trying to be more than what we are. We're trying to expand our horizons and open people's eyes up to the different things that we do here. That's the goal."

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