Shores' "Meanwhile" Is All Flannel Shirts and Unkempt Beards

Shores is one of the newer additions to the ever-expanding catalogue over at No Idea Records. Comprised of Brian Przybylski on guitars, vocals and bass, alongside John Massel on drums, this duo's debut album, Coup de Grace, has been two years in the making and it will finally be released November 9.

On "Meanwhile," there's something lush and muted that almost begs a country twang or two. Certainly, though, Shores' sound certainly falls into the post-hardcore arena of flannel shirts and unkempt beards.

There's something abrasive too. And I guess that's partly because of Massel's Michigan roots and his association with North Lincoln. In general, comparisons can be drawn with Codeine and Spain. But I'm also seeing the kind of stuff you'd expect from Plan-It-X Records bands, which is cool in a slow sway kind of way.

In short, "Meanwhile" is something to play during your break at work today, provided that your place of employment hasn't banned music.

Download: Shores - "Meanwhile"

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Abel Folgar