Shocking News: Brooke Hogan Reveals New Album Artwork

As I said last week, I don't have anything against Brooke Hogan, and, frankly, as a fellow twentysomething female, I empathize with some of her foibles. But damn, the girl has got to get a new ... aesthetic counselor. Hogan's people have revealed an "exclusive first look" at her new album's cover artwork, and, well... It must be seen to be believed. Follow the jump.

Here you go. If your first reaction is that it should probably decorate the side of a van or Trans-Am, well, that would be accurate. And that would be the same reaction that everybody within a three-cubicle radius of my sad little corner has had. Of course this begs the eternal, philosophical question: Why, Brooke, Why? Why go for an appallingly bad airbrush painting rather than an airbrushed mediocre photo? Or is this just the logical conclusion of all that pop Photoshopping?

If you don't believe it's for real, click here to see this beauty in the context of her official website.

[Via Dlisted]

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