Shitstorm Cancels and Beings' Set Gets Busted by the Cops at the Cave, February 24

Shitstorm (canceled), Beings, and Holly Hunt

Beelzebub's Cave

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Better Than: If Beings had canceled too.

From inception, this show was an uphill battle. Not that the theoretical lineup wasn't bangin' ... Storied grind heroes Shitstorm backed by fresh-faced heavies Beings and the even fresher-faced Holly Hunt sounded good to me.

However, the event was going up against the Bruise Cruise Fonz-a-palooza at Grand Central, and this contributed to a notably thin crowd for a night featuring some of Miami's bigger names in rock and punk.

And then factor in Shitstorm's last-minute cancelation, and you've got the rock 'n' roll equivalent of a deflated balloon. It was a nice balloon, featuring a broad, tapestry-like depiction of headbanging and heavy music hand gestures like "the claw" and "the fist pump." Nevertheless, it was still deflated.

The evening's woes did not stop at competition and canceled headliners, as the acoustics of Beelzebub's Cave were also contributing to the evening's washout. Both of the acts still on the lineup, the aforementioned Holly Hunt and Beings (both of which feature local artist Beatriz Monteavaro on drums), depend greatly on volume. But for some reason, any attempts to achieve voluminous sonic nirvana were thwarted by straight-up muddy and muddled acoustics.

As the videographer put it: "You can't see shit and it's blown out, but that's what it was really like."

Holly Hunt performed a two-jam set, which featured the free-rock material from their new split cassette with noise provocateurs Viking Funeral, as well as a newer, spine-tingling groove the group had used to level audiences at this year's International Noise Conference. (Rat Bastard liked it so much at the I.N.C. pre-party that he invited the group to perform at the official shebang.) This is an exciting new band that elucidates the finer nuances of heavy rock without indulging obvious metal/stoner cliches and gimmickery. But again, the room forced a great deal of that subtlety to be lost in translation.

Poor sound wrecked Beings even harder. This trio has proved themselves time and time again on stages throughout Dade County. But the sonics of Beelzebub's Cave won this particular battle. The Beings template is sneaky: they jam in and they jam out and you're left with your head spinning in a cloud of dust. Much like sister band Holly Hunt, their assault is cleverly nuanced and, much like Holly Hunt's earlier set, the delicacies of their power were simply washed out.

What was the deal? Did everyone just need to turn down? Beelzebub's Cave is Shroud Eater's practice space, so the sound can't be that bad on the regular? Maybe this night was just doomed, a theory supported by the presence of the police, who brought Beings's set to a close prematurely.

Next time, guys.

Critic's Notebook

Beings Setlist:

-"Fire Goddess"

-"Pearly Whites"

-"The Climb"


-"Deep Ones"



-"Scumbag Party"

-"Popular Air"

-"Dead Horse"


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