Shaun Reeves at the Electric Pickle Friday

DJ/producer Shaun Reeves is a young Detroit native who made the ubiquitous transition to Berlin ahead of many of his peers, and has since been making waves in the European dance scene. As a producer, he shares the transatlantic sensibilities of Detroit buddies Seth Troxler and Less Curtiss, boasting an elegant stripped-down sound informed by the steely austerity of German minimal techno, while sustaining an element of emotional depth more rooted in the soulfulness of American house. As a DJ, he's by equal measures an ultra-modern tastemaker and a master crate digger, searching deep in the EDM back catalog for those forgotten gems that still sound fresh and exciting on contemporary dancefloors while resonating deeply with listeners.

Reeves will be throwing down at (where else?) the Electric Pickle this Friday night, along with PL0T residents Alejandro Sab and Basti, and they're promising "a night that will bring out your most deepest feelings."

Shaun Reeves at Electric Pickle, Friday, June 6, 10 p.m.-5 a.m. 2826 N Miami Ave., Miami.

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