Shake Miami's Get Low Crew Drops Free Three-Year Anniversary Compilation Album

Miami can trace its royal bass lineage all the way back to '80s booty clappers like Maggotron and the 2 Live Crew, if not earlier.

Does the '70s disco-funk groovage of Miamians KC and the Sunshine Band count as booty bass music? They did pen the 1976 hit "(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty".

In any case, Miami is undoubtedly the City of Bass. But in the last three years, we've also become a veritable cosmopolitan bass megalopolis, privy to a cross-pollination of diverse transatlantic bass sounds from dubstep and moombahton to future bass.

And if there is one local party encapsulating this sonic melting pot, it's the monthly Get Low throwdown at the Vagabond, hosted by (((SHAKE))) and BassHead Music.

"Our original concept was to introduce people to the original dubstep sound by mixing it with familiar tastes like Miami bass and hip hop, and bring in monthly ambassadors to show their take on the genre," Get Low's Jsin Jimenez tells Crossfade. "We still stay true to our original concept, but now there are a bunch of new bass styles: moombahton, juke, trap, bounce, future R&B which we throw into the mix every week to keep it fresh."

Get Low's new F With Florida compilation album marks the party's third year on the scene, keeping the 305's speaker-rattling and ass-clapping heritage alive and well. And as a document of Miami's budding local talent, it's an absolute must-listen.

"This compilation is a culmination of what we've been doing with Get Low these 3 years, while still pointing to the future," Jsin explains. "These are all young South Florida artists creating original music for the love of it. The tunes you hear on F With Florida weren't made for any type of commercial success. Just like the party itself, we keep it underground, for the love of the music.

"The Miami Bass Warriors tune is special because Otto [Von Schirach and Jose [el Rey] made it on their own and surprised us by playing it at one of the early events. A lot of these are exclusives that were created for the comp: Adames, ARK IX, Ashworth (first track he's released), Bats!, Gray Ghost, SomeJerk and some Animal Krackerz and AMKZ, Henry Krinkle, Nome, Rackup & Pinion, Sounduo have just never been released. These are all artists who've been coming up in the Miami bass scene, and you should look out for even bigger things from them.

"I always had hopes that this party would bring Miami's bass music scene closer together, inspire them with international artists they love, and show that the music they make can be on a bigger stage," Jsin exclaims. "Without taking any credit, the talent of the producers down here has grown by leaps and bounds, and the F With Florida compilation is just evidence of that. We are truly distinguished by our geographical isolation. There's no place in the country like South Florida, so there's nothing like the music that comes from here. Even if we're influeced by another style, you'll always be able to hear that Miami tropical flavor if you listen close enough."

Download: F With Florida: 3 Years of Get Low 

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