Shaggy on Memorial Day Weekend: "Alcohol's Involved, Law Enforcement Might Overreact, It's a Disaster Recipe"

Shaggy gets around.

You might see him eating teriyaki chicken on South Beach. Or hitting the stage in Eastern Europe. Or headlining a show at the Olympic Games. But this weekend, he'll be in Downtown Miami at Bicentennial Park for the Best Of The Best fest, partying, picking up chicks, and avoiding the hectic scene across the bridge.

We here at Crossfade just got off the phone with the Shag man. And here's what he had to say about living on the road, staying out of the madness, and the finest girls in the world.

Crossfade: Wasup, dude. How's it goin'?

Shaggy: Not bad at all, boy.

Is it true you live in Miami?

Nah, I have a home here. But I live on the road.

How long have you had a home here?

Probably around 4 years now. But my son is also living in Coral Springs, so I have another home up there.

What's your touring schedule like?

After Best of The Best, I go to New Zealand, and then South Africa, and I just got back from Colombia, and before that Sri Lanka. So I just keep it moving.

What can you say about Best of the Best?

That's kind of a special concert for me 'cause I kind of instrumental in the inaugural one. And now it's the event for the Memorial Day weekend in Miami. I known [Hot 97 DJ and BOTB host] Jabba for years. And we cool, that's my dawg, so it's all good. He helped build this thing. And now it's huge. So yeah, it's a good look.

Where do you party at?

All different places, from Mansion to the new hot spot, Bamboo. So it's different places I go. I also like the restaurant Shoji Sushi.

What do you think about South Beach for Memorial Day weekend?

That's a very hectic and crazy scene. You gotta want that in order to enjoy that. I like it when it's not as crowded. But I understand it's a money weekend.

You think it ever gets out of control?

I know there were a couple incidents last time when it get out of hand -- people getting shot. Of course, they gonna tighten up till people start behavin'.

You don't think maybe the police need to start behaving too?

When you have that mass of people come into town and alcohol is involved, you might find the law enforcement get fatigued and overreact, it's a disaster recipe.

What else you got going on?

I'm doing the official Olympic song for Jamaica and the Jamaican 68th year of independence. I'll be representing Jamaica and performing in London for the 2012 Olympics.

How's Bolt gonna do?

I think Bolt will do well. But apart from him, we have a very strong team. I think our team is very ready and they're all lining up for the world stage. The track and field team is great. The long jump too. Jamaica is a small country, I know a lot of the athletes personally, and I know that they're training, and it's intense, and they're geared up for it. You're gonna see some breakout stars.

What about The Heat?

I wanna see Lebron get a ring. He's worked really hard for it.

Do you like to drink, how do you relax?

Not much of a drinker, I stay away from the alcohol most of the time. Just eat healthy food, y'know. And make a lot of love.

What about weed?

Nah, not big on the weed-smoking either. Those days are past. That's my used-to-be days.

Where are the sexiest women in the world?

Colombia had beautiful women, of course. Curaçao, beautiful women. Poland got beautiful women. Prague is always good. Brazil is always good. But Miami got beautiful women. Can't count Miami out, y'know what I mean.

The pussy is so good in Colombia it even had the secret service fucked up.

Yeah, they gotta be more careful goin' out there. Gotta remember your job first. Never put that above your job.

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