Winter Music Conference


by Mosi Reeves

DJ Hell Pawn Shop Lounge, March 25 DJ Hell, the nom de plume for Helmut Josef Geier, signifies Eurotrash electronics at its most seductive and confrontational, all acid noise and dark, deep techno-funk. He plays many roles, from owner of the hugely influential International Deejay Gigolo label to producer of genre-defining tracks such as Suicide Commando. Earlier this March, he issued NY Muscle, which finds him collaborating with producer Abe Duque, the ubiquitous James Murphy (DFA, LCD Soundsystem), and Erlend Oye (Kings of Convenience) for a post-electroclash, near-apocalyptic world, the perfect audience for his raw, fucked-up compositions.

1. Grace Jones, Ive Seen That Face Before (Hell remix) (International Deejay Gigolo)

2. Fischerspooner, Just Let Go (Tommie Sunshine Brooklyn Fire retouch) (Capitol)

3. Omar S, Detroit EP (white label)

4. Skatt Brothers, Walk the Night (Casablanca)

5. Fat Phaze, It's Magic (Sismic)

6. P.C.B., Call Me Mr Telephone (Mantra Vibes)

7. Ultradyne, Law of the Land (Pi Gao Movement)

8. Multiboy, Maratonga (Plattendruck)

9. Andriano Canzian, Pornography LP (white label)

10. Hugo Moya, Avant Jack (Relief)

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Mosi Reeves
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