DJ 2Nen Sundays, Club Deep

DJ 2Nen, the self-described Miami mixtape champ, is one of the hardest-working jocks in Miami. In addition to producing coveted mixtapes such as Rick Ross: The Future of the South and the Ready to Strike series, he's got his own record label, Tha Union Entertainment, and a roster that includes C-Traffik and Caliba. As if that's not enough, DJ 2Nen keeps it crunk during Home Grown Sundays at Club Deep, and he has pledged to keep busting needles and blowing speakers till there ain't none left.

1. The Game, Envy Me (Aftermath)

2. 50 Cent, Candy Shop (Shady/Aftermath)

3. Sly Kat, What I'll Do (Epidemik)

4. Fat Joe, Safe To Say (Atlantic)

5. Pitbull, Toma (TVT)

6. Nas, Just a Moment (Columbia)

7. Sofla Kingz, Pa La Calle (Dirty Tropics)

8. Jimmy Chocolate, Gangsta (Trunk Funk)

9. Platano, Come On Wit' It (Heavy Records)

10. Caliba and CTraffik, Bring 'Em! (Tha Union)

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Makkada Selah

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