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Scott Storch's Top Ten Cocaine Bangers and Blow Ballads

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Yesterday, Crossfade reported on prolific pop/rap producer Scott Storch's recent arrest for cocaine possession in a Las Vegas hotel. The story was simple: Homeboy didn't want to pay his bill (probably because he spent all of his money on coke) and when the cops rolled up they found a few grams left behind in his room.

Obviously, this kind of drama is nothing new for Scott Storch. In fact, we would go as far to say Scott Storch's music is not only inspired by cocaine, but by the dramatics, scandal and financial ruin that come with it. Why else wouldn't this jabroni clean up his act, if not because he needs a lil' Bolivian marching powder to create?

Since learning of Storch's arrest, we dove deep into the producer's discography which immediately confirmed our suspicions: the man is a prolific tailor of cocaine bangers and blow ballads. After the jump, check out 10 of our favorites.

10. "Bingo" by Gucci Mane feat. Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka Flame (2009)

Soulja Boy might just be along for the ride, but Gucci and Waka are bonafide trap rappers. Which is to say, a great deal of their lyrical is generally concerned with the buying, selling, cooking, snorting, and freebasing of cocaine. Gucci even straight up says (slurs?) it on this track: "She know I sell kilos."

9. "Get It How You Live" by Twista (2005)

"Twista and Scott Storch/in a dropped porsche" sounds like the cover of Ocean Drive magazine ten years ago. Which, in turn, makes us think of blow.

8. "Shutterbugg" by Big Boi ft. Cutty (2010)

We imagine Big Boi hits kombucha more than yayo. But there's no denying El Capitan Storch was hittin' the slopes when he cooked up the instrumental for this one.

7. "I'm Not Done" by Mya (2010)

You know what you'll never hear somebody doing the devil's dandruff say? "No, thanks, I've had my fill." See also: Scott Storch

6. "Slow Down" by Eva feat. Lupe Fiasco (2009)

Tweens need coke bangers too! Sure, Eva may be old enough to vote, but think of your average American Jane. How else is she going to fulfill her dreams of blossoming into a sorority snowbunny that ends up in a tropical resort rehab? Scott Storch is for the children.

5. "I'm Addicted" by Stack$ (2008)

Look, we know Scott Storch doesn't write the names of these songs but this is getting ridiculous. And wipe your goddam nose, bro.

4. "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" by Eve ft. Gwen Stefani

We'll skip the blow pun because it's even too stupid for us. Let's just talk about how Eve and Gwen Stefani appear to be the visual embodiment of early 2000s coke fashion.

3. "Fightin' Over Me" by Paris Hilton feat. Fat Joe & Jadakiss

Between Hilton and Storch alone, we have to imagine the recording sessions for Paris Hilton's debut album looked like the finale of Scarface.

2. "Make It Rain" by Fat Joe feat. R. Kelly, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Birdman, T.I.

One of Scotty's finest instrumentals period, "Make It Rain" is a top ten 2000s radio-coke-rap single unto itself. The music is so icy and the rapping so braggadocious that we can't feel our face.

1. "Dirty It Up" by Robin Thicke (Chipmunk Remix) (2009)

Don't let the sexytime innuendo fool you. By "It," this song most certainly refers to a White Owl bliggity-bliggity-blunt. And, FYI, dirty means "sprinkle coke all over the weed." Anyone who hits that shit is going to sound like a straight-up skeeted chipmunk.

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