Scott Storch's Top Ten Cocaine Bangers and Blow Ballads

Yesterday, Crossfade reported on prolific pop/rap producer Scott Storch's recent arrest for cocaine possession in a Las Vegas hotel. The story was simple: Homeboy didn't want to pay his bill (probably because he spent all of his money on coke) and when the cops rolled up they found a few grams left behind in his room.

Obviously, this kind of drama is nothing new for Scott Storch. In fact, we would go as far to say Scott Storch's music is not only inspired by cocaine, but by the dramatics, scandal and financial ruin that come with it. Why else wouldn't this jabroni clean up his act, if not because he needs a lil' Bolivian marching powder to create?

Since learning of Storch's arrest, we dove deep into the producer's discography which immediately confirmed our suspicions: the man is a prolific tailor of cocaine bangers and blow ballads. After the jump, check out 10 of our favorites.

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Matt Preira