Score Reset's New Promo Mix and Check Out the Happy Hour Session at News Lounge

It goes without saying that Miami is a happy hour town. But you'd be hard pressed to find anything that transcends the boozy meat market format.

A happy hour shouldn't just be cheap drinks at a watering hole for white-collar zombies. It should focus on the music, the people, and the vibe too.

Does that sound too idealistic and far-fetched? Well, it's exactly what the Reset folks are shooting for with their monthly moveable feast.

Combining unpretentious settings, live art, quality underground dance grooves, and a mix of creative folks from every local scene, they're aiming to reivent the local happy hour.

Find out for yourself during this Friday's Reset session at the News Lounge. Resident DJs Switchlift, C/B Radio, and RKTKT will kick things off in the afternoon with a global downtempo soundtrack, and work their way up the BPM scale as the evening progresses. Live painting will be provided by local muralist CP1.

Download: Reset Promo Mix

Reset. May 27, 2011. News Lounge, 5580 NE 4th Ct.,

Miami. The party starts at 5 p.m. Call 305-758-9932 or visit the55thstreetstation.com

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