Sam & Dave Were Legends of Overtown

Sam & Dave are the legendary soul men behind songs such as, well, "Soul Man," and "Hold On, I'm Coming." If you've ever watched TV, seen a movie, or listened to the radio, then you've heard em. But did you know these guys cut their teeth on the Overtown and Liberty City live circuit before recording with Stax records, working with Isaac Hayes, and playing with Booker T and the MG's as their band?

That's right, Sam Moore and Dave Prater are Miami dudes -- Sam's from

here, and Dave moved here at a young age. The two met at a talent show

back in the days when Overtown was a music mecca and the likes of Ike

and Tina could be seen fighting out front of their hotel. James Brown,

Ray Charles, and anybody who was anybody played in the neighborhood

(plus plenty of folks we'll never ever hear about) and the streets were

vibrant with music and culture.

Dave is dead and Sam is doing

his own thing, but Sam & Dave were inducted into the Rock and Roll

Hall of Fame in 1992 so their music lives on forever.

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