Ryan Morales

Starting out in New York as an intern for Wyclef, DJ Ryan Morales was originally known as Shockwave thanks to his All-State New Jersey reputation as a crushing linebacker. With almost 20 years of spinning under his belt, and now referring to himself as the new and improved RM2, he's making his way up and down South Florida and leaving his mark everywhere he goes. Scheduled to perform at venues such as Karu & Y and Atlantic in South Beach, Morales says he's learned quite a few tricks from his peers in the Dirty South. It's to be expected, owing to collaborations with local legends including DJ Sama, which, he says, is making his new sound "more electro and less diva but always tribal."

As Winter Music Conference approaches, Morales can barely contain his excitement over his first appearance at Ultra Music Festival. Making this point in his career even more notable is the upcoming release of his debut album, Resurrection, which he wrote, recorded, and produced under his own record label, House of Lords. "It's inspired by my moods," he says, making his music the product of raw emotion and not just your average house beats. Get ready to feel the music.

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