RSVP for the Roots and an Open Bar at Next Saturday's Private Hennessy Party

There's probably nothing we love more than a private party with open bar. Well, maybe our families or something, but not much else. So when we heard that



following in Heineken's footsteps

and launching a Hennessy Artistry bash with free booze, we jumped out of our seats.

We didn't get excited just because of the alcohol, though. The event will also feature performances from The Roots, Q-Tip, Eve, Daniel Merriweather, Kat de Luna, and DJ D-Nice, with DJ Irie hosting the whole thang.

The Roots have released a few albums recently, one of which is their collab with John Legend, and watching them nightly on Jimmy Fallon is just a tease, really, so we're thrilled that they'll be hitting Miami next Saturday night.

Details on how to get on the private list after the jump.

There's one downfall, though: You can only bring one friend and you need to give up their name as soon as you RSVP. So if you prefer to hold off till the last minute, keeping your options open, sorry ... You're kind of stuck having to commit.

Now, for a chance to make the list, go to hennessyvip.com. Once there, click the RSVP link, and make sure to type in "Miami New Times" under referred by, and you could be poppin' Hennessy in our honor in no time. You know, 'cause you love us and all. 

The fine peeps at Hennessy will let you know (via email) September 24 whether you're awesome enough to get an official invite.

The Roots, with Eve, Daniel Merriweather, Q-Tip, and Kat de Luna. Saturday, September 25, 9pm. Ages 21+, at Ice Palace, 1400 N. Miami Ave. Must be on the list to enter.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.