Roofless Records' Miami Micro Show #2 Delivers 30 Bands in 30 Minutes Tomorrow

One year, four days, and 14 hours ago, Roofless Records label boss and frequent New Times contributor Matt Preira bumrushed the Little River Yacht Club with 15 gloriously noisy bands for 15 minutes of awesome sonic chaos.

From 10:45 and 11:01 p.m. on the evening of Saturday, October 16, 2010, each of the night's chosen noiseniks spazzed out for exactly 60 seconds before ceding the stage to the next blast of fuzz and feedback.

Mikes were destroyed, cherry pies were eaten, and the whole thing climaxed with Rat Bastard encouraging an out-of-control mob to stomp and mutilate a pair of screaming amps.

This blitz was called the Miami Micro Show and it was South Florida's first-ever foray into the micro-show tradition as pioneered by former Born Against frontman Sam McPheeters. And now, 369 days later, the 305's gearing up for its second annual shot of micro-show madness, going down tomorrow night at General Practice.

Like last year (and in compliance with standard micro-show rules and regulations), "Each act will play for one minute. If any band runs one second over 60, the crowd is responsible for storming the stage and ending the set by any means necessary."

But unlike the 2010 edition, Miami Micro Show #2 will deliver 30 bands in 30 minutes, i.e. twice the tuneage.

Miami Micro Show #2 Lineup

30. FUN (Philadelphia, PA)

29. Ironing (Gainesville, FL)

28. LOT (Orlando, FL)

27. Kenny Millions

26. Doersam

25. Clifton Childree

24. Curious Hair

23. Slashpine

22. The President

21. Dion

20. Meddling Kids

19. Pocket of Lollipops

18. Sharlyn Evertsz

17. Luma Junger

16. Ballscarf

15. Eyelash

14. The Jellyfish Brothers

13. Adames

12. White Moth

11. Ghostknives

10. Jhovanny Ordonez

09. Ah Um

08. Normads

07. M

06. Dead Beat Dad

05. H8weed with Andy Coughman

04. Chalk

03. Patternapparatus

02. Dog Pop Drop

01. Dim Past

"There are three marquee acts," Preira explains. "You've got FUN, who'll be performing for three days at the Wynwood Art Fair; then Ironing, a one-man noise DJ from Gainesville with lots of live vinyl manipulation and fuckery; plus Orlando solo drummer dude LOT who's one-third of percussion ensemble SSLOT."

"And then it's a smattering of real bands, one-off projects from people in real bands, and open-mic-ish attempts to do something weird for a minute," he says, breaking down the rest of the roster. "It's gonna be our biggest mess yet."

Miami Micro Show #2, presented by Roofless Records, Breathmint, and ZRadio

in conjunction with Augurari and Charest-Weinberg. Saturday, October 22. General Practice, 3930 NW Second Ave., Miami. Admission is free. Visit rooflessrex.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.