Rock Candy

You know you'd like to say something special to your sweetie, but you just can't find the right words or the right tone to tickle her ears. This year why not let one of the masters whisper sweet nothings for you, as Valentine's Day weekend brings not one but two legends of reggae-tinged lovers rock to Miami?

Friday night brings Mr. Lovers Rock himself, Glen Washington, offering his famous "Kindness for Weakness" in a bass dark and smooth enough for dipping strawberries. After a full show from a man whose albums have names like Close To You, Solitary Rose, and Your Love, you might well find yourself staying in for the rest of the weekend, coming up for air just in time to hear Beres Hammond.

Hammond makes a habit of stroking sold-out crowds into a frenzy. This time he should outdo himself as he re-creates the orchestral luxury of his still-talked-about Madison Square Garden concert last year with a full section of horns and strings sugaring up the crooner's already sweeter-than-molasses voice. Resistance is futile.

Both of these reggae veterans are currently enjoying the greatest success of their long careers. With nearly 60 years in the seduction business between them, Washington and Hammond prove that lovers who rock longest, rock best.

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Celeste Fraser Delgado