Robin Thicke Talks Double-Digit Orgasms, Baby-Making Music, and NYE in Miami

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The real reason for kissing at midnight on New Years Eve?

Whether you're single, married, divorced, or your outlook on monogamy is much like Tiger Woods', everyone is trying to get some. And if anyone is going to help you get laid, it's Robin Thicke.

So if you are looking to keep it sexy this NYE, we suggest you head over to the Delano Hotel where Robin will be performing at the SoBe spot's annual pool-side soiree. And lucky for us, we got to chat with him before he and his movie star wife, Paula Patton, headed down to Miami.

Crossfade: You are performing this year at the Delano on South Beach for New Year's Eve.

Robin Thicke: I can't wait. I have spent about four New Years Eves in Miami. I always, always have an amazing time. It's almost guaranteed there.

Will your beautiful family be partying on SoBe too?

My wife [Paula Patton] will be coming. But my son will be with grandma. Those two will be having their own little party, I suppose.

How did you celebrate your wife's movie, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, going number one?

It was so exciting. But we have been busy with the holidays. We had a big Christmas dinner here. We were also just in New York for the premiere. It's been a busy week to say the least.

I think the female population agrees you seem like a perfect husband. What did you get your lady for Christmas?

Scarves, shoes, all kinds of clothes. We have been together 16 years, so it can be hard to out-do myself.

Sixteen years... Wow. How have you done it?

It's all her. I met her at a teen nightclub dressed head-to-toe in Cross Colours. Not sure why she ever talked to me. I don't think I could have made it work with anyone else. She's such a special person.

What will a New Years Eve with Robin Thicke be like?

It's going to me, a piano, and a mic stand. I am going to sing a few songs, make everyone feel sexy, and get everyone excited for the New Year. I am definitely going to stick around for the actual party and let loose a little bit.

I love your new album, Love After War. Will you be playing songs off that record for NYE?

Of course!

It kind of sounds like an album that was written for post-fight make-up sex.

Half of the songs were written after a fight. Or sometimes during the fight. Then the rest were written about ... Other things, let's say.

Do you have a favorite song of the record?

I really love the song "Never Give Up." I really like what it says and what it reminds me to remember. It definitely is my favorite.

The video for "Love after War" is quite sexual. Can you imagine anyone else other than your wife being your leading lady?

I can imagine it. But I wouldn't get half as excited for them as I do my wife. Whenever I get ready to film a video, she will say, "I'll do it ... Well, if you want me to." I mean, a movie star in my video. What's better than that?

Speaking of the wife: How does she feel about the fact that you are so outspoken about your sex life?

She doesn't love it. Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth. Most of the time, I just get silly and then they take my quote out of context.

I can imagine your now-famous quote about giving her double-digit orgasms was one of those times.

Exactly. I was talking with this girl about a whole bunch of sexual stuff. Then I saw it back and I felt like such a dork. I am very generous in my interviews and I talk to them like I am having a real conversation. I never really think people care what I say and then I see planted all over the world.

What did your wife say when she saw that headline?

I don't think she has seen that one yet. Yet being the key word here.

If you had to pick a few of your favorite baby making songs, what would they be?

That's hard. You have to think of what kind of lovemaking you are in the middle of. But a few of my favorites are:

1. Jodeci, "Forever My Lady"

2. Prince, "Adore"

3. Marvin Gaye, "You Are Everything"

4. Al Green, "Lets Stay Together"

5. Otis Redding, "Open The Door"

Robin Thicke's New Year's Eve party with DJ Jean Marc. Saturday, December 31. Delano Hotel, 1685 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. The party starts at 9 p.m. and tickets cost $150 to $3000 plus fees via newyearseve.morganshotelgroup.com. Call 305-672-2000 or visit delano-hotel.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.