Rob Thomas Coming to Hard Rock Live September 23

Rob Thomas, formerly of Tabitha's Secret and currently of Matchbox 20, is touring solo in support of the soon to be released "SwanCradlesong". He's had about 30 huge radio hits, and like it or not he's probably one of the preeminent faces of contemporary singer/songwriters. Other than that, it's hard to find much good to say about Rob Thomas except his wife is exceptionally beautiful, he's supposedly really into animal rights, and he sometimes stops singing to eat and sleep. The venue for the show hasn't yet been announced, but since it's slated to be in Hollywood, Hard Rock Live is as good a guess as any. Stay tuned to Crossfade for announcement of ticket sales dates dotted with snotty comments. And hit the jump to see Rob perform his new song on Ellen. It's a pop culture tsunami.

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