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Roach, Miami Punk and Ex-Churchill's Sound Guy, Arrested for Beating and Biting Stepson

Some know him as Roach. But the Miami Beach Police Department prefers the name Glenn Thor Larsen.

Once a Miami punk rocker who played drums in hardcore bands like U.F.C. and Sound4Sound, Larsen also served as a sound guy at Churchill's Pub during the 2000s.

But yesterday, the 34-year-old man was arrested by MBPD for beating and biting his 10-year-old stepson.

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Sound 4 Sound playing Churchill's Pub in 2004.

On Tuesday, Larsen, who's currently employed elsewhere as a freelance sound tech, returned to Churchill's, like many Miami punk scenesters, for a final pint under the pub's original ownership. He posted the following to his Facebook page:

Most likely having my last beer or two at Churchills under the supervision of Dave Daniels and Nicky. Thank you for the last twenty years of doing whatever the fuck we wanted... And we did. Many incredible shows. Mentors.T.S.O.L. Raw Power, U.S. Bombs. Fang. M.D.C. Murphy's Law. 45 Grave. The list goes on forever. And the bands I was able to play with on that amazing stage. U.F.C. Los Humaniax FWA Sound 4 Sound Timescape Zero "F" Powerhouse. Its been a hell of a ride.

However, the next day, things were anything but normal when Larson picked up the 10 year old from daycare.

According to the police report, he "asked his stepson if he finished his homework." The boy "answered no, to which the defendant replied, 'Now you're in trouble.'"

The child told the arresting officer that Larsen "pulled the car over and began to strike him about the left side of his face and torso with open hand and closed fist ... He was hit in the face at least five times."

However, the saddest and most bizarre detail: The 34 year old continued beating and even "bit [his stepson] in the upper left thigh" after they had returned home.

On Thursday, Larsen was arrested. He "admitted," the report reads, "to spanking the child with open hand and biting him," acknowledging "he was wrong" and blaming "anger management difficulties."

He was charged with child abuse, aggravated assault, torture, causing great bodily harm, and resisting arrest without violence.

Bond was set at $21,000.

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