RIP Bar Tattoo and Suggestions for Ink Inspired by Future Venue Closings

​This morning, we got the nasty news that the doors to Bar at 28 NE 14th Street will never reopen again. It sounds dramatic, because it is dramatic. It's all sad over there, and closed. Saying goodbye is hard! There are plenty of 305 folks who will now never step foot on 14th Street again. What will become of Overtown!

One nameless man was inspired to show his dedication to a place where we've enjoyed many a drunken, insane night. His tattoo was posted on Bar's Tumblr. It's certainly an extreme gesture. But fuck it, we all need a little romantic remembrance and self-expression in our lives. Put it on your arm if you're feeling it, you might say.

Now we're not driving out right now to get a matching "RIP Bar" tattoo. But we're kind of really bummed. Thinking about endings makes us nostalgic, so we put together a short list of Miami institutions we expect to see body art created for when they shut their doors.

5. Fox's

A little fox. Maybe it's running down someone's face like a tear. Or on the wrists.

4. Churchill's Pub

Winston's mug, of course, on the back.

3. The Deuce

The sexy neon light lady in tramp stamp position.

2. Tobacco Road

The words "Oldest Liquor License in Miami" across the chest.

1. The Taco Bell on 36th Street

A crunchwrap supreme sunshine on the belly, of course.

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