The latest musician - turning - movie star is Rihanna. As soon as she finishes her  Last Girl On Earth Tour, which lands in Miami this Saturday at the American Airlines Arena, she's set to star in director Peter Berg's (Hancock) film adaptation of that game we all loved as a kid: Battleship.

As if Rhi Rhi's likely smoldering stares and barely-there costume choices aren't enough, she'll be accompanied by Taylor Kitsch (of X-Men Origins: Wolverine fame) and our favorite vampire bad boy, True Blood's very own Alexander Skarsgard.

Rihanna Will Star in a Film Based on the Board Game Battleship

We're not sure what part she'll be playing yet, but we're pretty sure it's one she can sink her teeth into. 

You might not remember this, but Rihanna broke into acting in the straight-to-DVD Bring it On: All or Nothing. Since then, she's had acting on her mind, and mentioned earlier this year that she wanted to focus on it more. 

But will she sink our love for her singing with bad acting, instead of sinking a battleship?

Shooting for the live-action film is expected to start soon, with a May

25, 2012 release date. The film will take place across seas, in the

skies, and on land as the good guys battle it out against a superior force.

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