Rihanna Gets High at Coachella and Four Other Hip-Hop Heavyweights Who Love Weed

Music festivals and illicit drugs.

It's no big deal to see someone roll up a fat blunt, get high, and force some dude to carry them on his shoulders at Coachella. But when a pop princess with a bangin' body does it, Media Takeout loses their shit.

Over the weekend, "The most visited urban website in the world" caught Ri-Ri rolling and smoking a fatty as the Barbadian kicked it with the common folk at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2012.

"Not only did she pull out and ROLL her own blunt - without F*CKING up her lipstick too bad . . . but she smoked it all the way down - BY HERSELF!!!

Later this week, the pot community will celebrate its annual makeshift holiday, 4/20. Stoners will spark up 'round the globe in observance, likely including these weed-friendly hip-hop heavyweights.

A$AP Rocky, the Sensitive Stoner

Like pouring one out for your deceased homie, ripping a blunt to honor a fallen loved one is also an acceptable way of showing respect. Earlier this year at a show in Atlanta, a fan passed A$AP Rocky a blunt. Before taking a rip, Rocky dedicated the fatty to a fallen legend.

"I want to dedicate this pull to Whitney Houston, nigga. RIP"

Wiz Khalifa, Superhero Stoner

Wiz loves getting high. In fact, the rapper loves it so much, he'd choose blowing second-hand highs as his superhero superpower if given the opportunity.

"If I was a superhero, my superpower would be blowing second-hand highs. People would think they were evil until they were around my ass, because all the laughing and joking would come out."

Rihanna Gets High at Coachella and Four Other Hip-Hop Heavyweights Who Love Weed

The Game, Serious Stoner

In January, the Game posed with five enormous Ziploc bags of weed on his lap, each seemingly heavier than the last. He tweeted the picture and wrote, "Fresh kut. Fresh kush. #NowLeavingCompton."

Hope he's got a prescription.

Rihanna Gets High at Coachella and Four Other Hip-Hop Heavyweights Who Love Weed

Rick Ross, Supersize Stoner

Of course the biggest stoner of all, at least in terms of body mass, is Rick Ross. Dude smokes blunts like the French smoke cigarettes, one after the other. But don't expect Rozay to be smoking some shit strand. Homie only buys the finest.

Last month, Ross and his MMG protégé Stalley did a little shopping. They picked up a fat sack of Linsanity OG, one of the gnarliest bud strains on the market. Even though he's a die-hard Heat fan, Ross succumbed to that Lin shit.

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