Rihanna Creates a New Dance Anthem with "Only Girl (in the World)"

Rihanna's always turned heads with her choices in fashion, boyfriends, and song title choices (umbrella, anyone?). But now we think she might be attempting to change genres with her fifth studio album, Loud.

"Yes it is called LOUD," Rihanna told fans during a live chat recently. "Get LOUD everybody. Get crazy. Get excited. Cuz I'm pumped. I'm just gonna be ME."

Apparently "me" translates to dance-heavy EDM beats more suitable for the club than the radio. When we first heard it, we thought a Rihanna vocal copycat was singing on a new David Guetta track or something.

Norwegian hit making duo Stargate is producing the album, not Guetta. You might

remember they also produced her other singles "Please don't stop the

music," "Hate that I love you," and, most recently, "Rude Boy."

The album's first single, "Only Girl (in the World)" is a love letter to

a single man, but who, we're not exactly sure. Lyrics like "Want you to

make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world/ like I'm the only one

that you'll ever love" are trademark Rihanna, but the backdrop and her

vocals are a big departure from her signature style. We're wondering:

Will this mean a full-on transformation? Will her next tour be at small

house clubs around the US?

Check out "Only Girl (in the World)" below, and tell us what you think.

RIHANNA: Only Girl

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.