Rick Ross Wants to "Slap the Shit" Out of Kreayshawn's Bag Carrier

Rick Ross thinks female rapper Kreayshawn's a "dirty bitch." And he's willing to drop 50 large to ruin the 21 year old's week.

The Maybach Music CEO is finally responding to Kreayshawn's recent string of disses in the upcoming issue of XXL, and he can't wait to slap someone.

"I can't wait to slap the shit out of whoever carries her bags," he tells XXL. "And I hope it's her nigga. Dirty bitch. You better know the fuck you talking about. I'll pay 50K to mess up your whole week."

The Kreayshawn v. Ross shits show started when the San Francisco spitter delivered a weak-ass freestyle, live on Philadelphia's Power 99.

During the performance on the Cosmic Kev Come Up Show, she seemingly called Ross a fake, rapping: "You trying to play me like a  boss/But you're faker than Rick Ross/I'll fucking cut your dick off."

Kreayshawn was later interviewed by MTV, and claimed that there were no hard feelings. However, a Ustream video that surfaced shortly thereafter proved otherwise.

At the 1:13 mark, Kreayshawn retracts the statement she made on MTV, admitting, "What I really wanted to say is [sic], Rick Ross is fake." She later spat off some insulting shit about Rick Ross' weight and chicken wings.

A few days after that, Rick Ross's crew and Kreayshawn's camp exchanged some words backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards. And Kreay managed to make a mockery out of it, playing the nobody-likes-Kryeayshawn card.

She's right, nobody really likes her, and "Gucci Gucci" is a dumb fucking song. Kreayshawn's overstaying her 15 minutes.

Stop pissing off the Boss man, yo.

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