Rick Ross Taps Jay-Z, Drake, and Kanye For New Album

Despite the endless drizzle of Haterade, despite the weird YouTube videos, despite the frequent, high-profile beef wars, despite, well, everything, the hype for Rick Ross' upcoming fourth studio album, Teflon Don, only continues to build. The disc is due out this summer (the deluxe edition has a relatively firm release date of July 6), and at the end of this past week, the Boss revealed some details to both MTV News and Rap-Up.

The biggest news: One of the lead singles, still untitled, is a collaboration with Jay-Z. Consider it almost a legitimizing nod from the King of New York, which first came about, Ross says, after he apparently roadied on Jay's Blueprint 3 tour. He tells MTV:

"I was a roadie on the Blueprint 3 tour for a few dates," he explained of tagging along with Hov. "It started off in St. Louis. I was just messing with everybody, kicking it with everybody, letting Jay hear my ideas and concepts. When you get the deluxe version of this album, we documented when I played the record. I played the track and my first verse," Ross recalled.

Read the whole tale of the pair-up, which includes partying at Tao and gambling in Vegas until the wee hours, over at MTV News.

Meanwhile, Ross divulged more guest-star news to Rap-Up. He already reported recently a match-up with Kanye West on the single "Live Fast, Die Young," but also appearing elsewhere on the album is white-hot Young Money star Drake. The heartthrob crooner/rapper teams up with Ross on a track apparently celebrating the Boss' change of preferred car make: "Aston Martin Music." Click here to read the interview over at Rap-Up.

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