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Rick Ross Sued for $226,000 by Concert Promoter Over 15-Minute Show in Charlotte

Rick Ross loves chicken.

In fact, homie can eat a whole bird, a couple side dishes and three pieces of pie in a single sitting, and he also owns a couple of Wingstop eateries 'round the country.

So naturally, if you invite him to perform at Bojangles, there best be some mo'fucking "Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits." And if there isn't, Bawse man is out.

That's what must've happened on the night of March 2, when Rozay showed up to the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte for a show alongside Waka Flocka and Meek Mill.

After collecting his $90,000 fee and performing all of 15 minutes, Ross dipped out. Presumably because he wasn't being fed.

Now he's being sued for $226,000.

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According to Courthouse News Service, concert promoter SM Global Union filed suit against Ross last month, claiming the rapper was contractually required to play a full-hour set at the NCCA's CIAA Basketball Tournament in Charlotte. Allegedly, though, the Bawse only performed for 15 minutes.

"Under each of the agreements, the defendants promised to (i) perform live on stage at the concert for 60 minutes, (ii) timely appear at after-parties sponsored or produced by SMGU, and (iii) advertise the concert on 'all' of the defendants' respective websites, fan pages, and social media outlets," court documents state.

"In exchange for these promises, SGMU agreed to pay - and did pay - the sum of $90,000 to Rick Ross, $37,950 to Wacka Flocka, and $26,500 to Meek Mill."

The latter two rappers "performed for most of the 60 minutes," so the beef isn't really with them. Nevertheless, they're also being sued, even though Ross is the one who left concertgoers with a "lasting negative impression of the quality of events promoted by SMGU," according to the promoters.

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