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Rick Ross Sued After His Three Pitbulls Allegedly Kill Neighbor's Little Doggy

Early this morning, gossip website TMZ published a scandal involving South Florida-based rapper Rick Ross that is certain to rock the respective foundations of Miami, hip-hop, and the infinitely reverberating reblogging axis.

The story was published in the early a.m., a clear strategic attempt to maximize coverage by inspiring a midnight lurker's frenzy that sustained through morning, and morphed into rush-hour tweeting. And TMZ obviously wanted to milk every last drop of the controversy, particularly because they were breaking the story, and because the story was so juicy.

We all know Rick Ross used to be a corrections officer, and some people -- mainly the famous drug dealer from whom the rapper derives his namesake -- were trying to sue him. But what did he do this time?

The crime is doggy homicide.

Ross is being sued by a woman in Atlanta over the mauling of her Yorkshire Terrier puppy, Banks, by three of the rapper's pet pitbulls. The dogs reportedly escaped from Ricky Rozay's ATL mansion, entered her property, attacked  her dog, and when rescuers arrived it was way too late. Now, she's suing the rapper for $15,000. Our favorite detail from this exclusive is that apparently, "Ross has NOT apologized for the incident."

Well, TMZ, that's because he isn't sorry. You know what? That Yorkie probably owed the Bawse money. Or skipped town with the loot. Or, maybe, he acted a fool one night in the club. Who knows?

Our point is, if Rick Ross bothered to take this puppy out, he probably had a good reason.

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Matt Preira