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Rick Ross Doin' Heavy Work on New Tracks by Jamie Foxx and Big Boi

Carol City-raised rapper Rick Ross has been keeping real busy lately. Whenever we hear a fresh new track from a hip-hop heavy hitter or an up-and-comer, there's a 87-percent chance he's the one we can thank for it. Does he get lured into these collaborations because deep down he's really soft and cuddly under that extra-tough exterior?

We're not sure, but his latest collabos are nothing short of unexpected. One's perfect for the club, the other for riding to the club. One's a head-bobbing, I-totally-get-that track, while the other is a gritty, guitar-tinged song about a girl. The only real thing pulling 'em together? Our favorite hometown homeboy.

That should come as no surprise, since the latter is a track with Big

Boi, T.I., Bun B, and Khujo Goodie, along with the Teflon Don. They get a little graphic, talk about chasing chicks, and ask girls to "find 'em when their boyfriend's boring 'em." The random guitar riffs are a little out of left field, but definitely a welcome addition. A bonus? You might be trading in the dougie and soon find yourself "shaking it like a tambourine" instead of "like a Polaroid picture." Hey, Polaroids are outdated anyway.

And his clubbin' counterpart? None other than an auto-tuned Jamie Foxx. But they're not blaming it on the alcohol this time. They're "living better now." They use samples from Biggie to sing a love song to the ladies, with words like "You ain't gotta pack your bags / tell your boss you gon miss work / whatever you want just ask/ baby this what you deserve." It's a sweet song for the club, really, and for the fellas, Rozay does plenty of name brand name dropping to keep it real.

Check out both tracks below, and tell us which you like better.

Jamie Foxx featuring Rick Ross "Living Better Now"

Big Boi featuring Rick Ross, T.I., Bun B, and Khujo Goodie "Tangerine" (remix)
Play here

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