Rick Ross Called "BS" By Freeway Ricky Ross, Still the Motherf#&king Bawse, Though

"Freeway" Ricky Ross, the reformed drug dealer who is not actually a freeway, has once again accused rap superhero Rick Ross of being a bullshit Bawse.

Freeway's argument is that Rozay's rap success is entirely due to the "original" Rick Ross's notoriety as a legendary coke peddler. But it just sounds like someone is a little bit upset that his toilet is no longer made of 24k gold.

In what will be just one more in a series of legal actions, Freeway is sending out a deposition request that would require Diddy to show up to court and spend time with him.

Now who is copying whom, Freeway? What's next, demands that the jury be made up of a dozen big-bootied strippers from King of Diamonds?

At this point, if there's a countersuit, we fully expect Freeway to plead RUUNNNNGGHHH!!!

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In a statement to allhiphop.com, Freeway is actually upset that another human being does not have a past as a murderous drug dealer:

"The answers by Rozay to being a correctional officer in this Rolling Stone article were BS, this is scripted to make it look like he had some struggle. No one tells you to go be a correctional officer before all the other jobs that build our community such as a Carpenter, Mechanic or Preacher."

Oh, whatever. How about the community building jobs of, oh, Baller, Bawse, or Teflon Don? Does Freeway not remember how Rozay gave a bunch of iPads to his old high school a few months ago? Or how much money he has donated to tatted-up strippers, several of whom are probably just working to pay for medical school?

Even grade-schoolers know that plants pull carbon dioxide from the air. So Rozay's ardent support for the world's marijuana growers means we can all breathe a little easier each time he sparks a blunt.

Freeway goes on to whine:

People thought William was actually me, and his first single only solidified that was his intent by talking about all the pieces in the "Dark Alliance." Manuel Noriega is a major player in the Iran-Contra Scandal. It's undisputed, when Rozay said "I know Pablo, Noriega, the real Noriega. He owe me a hundred favors." That is a direct correlation to my life. In an era where people will search your background, they looked and searched and thought he had lived my life and he gained support. I am 100% confident that if he had started off as a rapper and named himself William Roberts, and rapped about being a correctional officer, he would have never been successful.

Yeah. You know where they call him Mr. Roberts? At the bank, dude. Absolutely no one thought that a skinny non-rapping guy in jail was the same person as the massive grunter with a pheromone factory beard. Pretty sure that if any of the rest of us are waiting for a sandwich at the deli and they happen to call someone else with the same name, we don't get to eat that person's sandwich.

And Freeway thinks he's the only one to whom Noriega owed favors? We went to summer camp with a kid whose older brother used to feed Noriega's cat, Señor Zapatillas, whenever Manny went out of town. Watch out for a subpoena, Hectorcito!

More from Freeway Ricky:

My name, unlike many others, is global. It was not just recognized on a normal neighborhood level. For the good and bad of it, I am one of the largest to have been in the drug business. When you look up Drug lord on Wikipedia it goes Manuel Noriega, Pablo Escobar then me Rick Ross.

First of all, no, it does not go in that order. Second of all, the list is not in any kind of order, so even if he were after those two, it wouldn't mean anything. Third, he's seriously using Wikipedia as his credentials, a site that we could go update right now to say that Freeway Ricky Ross has flippers for hands.

And Freeway is flapping his flippers in a tizzy about rolling with Noriega and Escobar. That's his proof of being hardcore. OK, buddy. Ever hear of Gunplay or Omarion? Gunplay is pretty much the craziest person alive and Omarion is a really good dancer. The only time Noriega or Escobar ever did a backflip into a split was after slipping in a puddle of Freeway's tears.

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