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Richie Hawtin's Miami Tickets and Arkives Boxset Now Available Online UPDATED

Exactly 40 days ago, Crossfade broke the news about Plastikman's Richie Hawtin's scheduled invasion of Miami. (UPDATE Due to some press release confusion we made the mistake of assuming the DJ would be performing Plastikman material. Sorry.) And we also talked some shit about the fact that "buying a Richie Hawtin release needs an instruction manual."

Today, though, the internet is bringing you tickets to the November 27 show at Mansion and online pre-order of Hawtin's Arkives release. The tickets come in only one variety: $30 general admission. But the retrospective boxset comes in four: Reference ($199), Analog ($89), Digital ($82), and Collection ($239).

Now you're probably wondering about the differences between those distinct but very similar versions of Arkives. And really, we suggest you check out Crossfade's previous post, which provides a quick and concise breakdown.

The other option is the official Plastikman presale site. You might get brain cramps, but all the information's there. So eventually you'll sort it out, despite the retina-scalding red, tiny type, and confusing graphic sprawl.

As for Hawtin himself, he's quoted in the official literature, explaining the impetus behind this release, if not the four-version enigma: "Arkives is the first time that I've collected together all the material under the name Plastikman. Once this is released, for me, it's everything that I know, that I have, that I believe is ready or needs to be heard for people to get a full understanding of what Plastikman is today. Where it's come from, where it's been, where it is now, and hopefully to prepare people for where it might go in the future."

And he continues: "Trying to put Arkives together has been a jigsaw puzzle, a needle-in-a-haystack situation. So much of the content has been spread out all over the world. I made one special trip back to Canada just for this, and I was just going through boxes of things in the studio. Finding not only DATs of music I totally forgot about, but also photos and images and flyers of things I didn't even really remember happening. It's 18 years of history. This project, I hope, is an inspiring and interesting journey for everyone who becomes part of it, who reads the book and listens to the music, but for me also it's been a journey myself. People are complaining about the music industry going down, about the lack of sales, that people are only downloading digital content or even just trading it. But I believe that if you can bring music together in a package and add something greater -- we have a book, we have unreleased material and photos -- it becomes something greater than the sum of its parts. It's a whole experience."

Now maybe you still can't decide which edition of Arkives to actually buy. But at least you know a bit of the backstory, right?

Richie Hawtin with special guest Gaiser. Saturday, November 27. Mansion, 1235 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Doors open at 10 p.m. and tickets cost $30 via Call 305-695-8411 or visit

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