RevMiami Posts New Installment of Big City Breakdown Series

A couple weeks ago, local music/culture webzine RevMiami started a nifty vlog series called "Big City Breakdown," a biweekly thing meant to take local favorites and turn 'em loose to play in unusal environs. The first featured Afrobeta playing on the sand, so I wondered where the series would go after the obvious beach shoot was used up.

This one puts Andrew Sansac on the sidewalk of Collins Avenue. There are exactly three pedestrian passersby in these several minutes, which is their loss. Sansac's song, "Bulletproof Limousine," is a peppy, laid-back tune appropriate for summer, and though a Jack Johnson comparison is an obvious one ... it's also apt. Sansac labels himself "soul/funk/reggae" on his MySpace, and can really work a pair of Wayfarers.

Unrelated to this video, I also loved reading RevMiami's interview with Paris Banchetti, a local luthier who invented a nifty, lightweight version of the upright bass he calls "the practical bass." Click here to read it.

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