Red Bull Siempre Fresco: A Fiesta Starring Salsa Legends and Latin DJs

Larry Harlow plays the piano like palm trees play the breeze, like a lizard plays the grass, like the sunrise plays the morning. He's a natural. And 50 years of practice have made him even better.

The so-called Judio Maravilloso, which translates to "Amazing Jew," was the first guy signed to Fania Records, the label that basically invented the term salsa music. He's the arranger behind the powerful horn lines that have come to define the genre. And he's the player of the magical, dancing piano lines that have sent a hundred million hips in motion.

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This weekend, Harlow will headline Red Bull Siempre Fresco, a fiesta starring salsa legends like him and Marlow Rosado alongside Latin-influenced DJs like moombahton innovators Nadastrom and Miami's own electropico master DJ Pauer.

There will also be a Thursday-afternoon Q&A with Harlow and Spam Allstars' DJ Le Spam, followed by a Friday-night kickoff party with the Que Bajo?! and Peligrosa crews.

But the big bash goes down on Saturday at Grand Central Miami.

Red Bull Siempre Fresco's Miami Lineup

The Legends

-Larry Harlow

-Marlow Rosada y La Riqueña

Moombahton Massive Crew


-DJ Sabo

Que Bajo?! Crew

-Geko Jones

-Uproot Andy

Peligrosa Crew

DJ Orion

El Dusty

DJ Manny


Mr. Pauer

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